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Increased Visibility

Make sure your audience is always engaged with your brand posts or activities. Get your brand reach out to the right people at the right time with an impact of CHEERY

Desired result

We don’t make fake promises! You get the desired campaign and service results for your business promotions.

Enhanced brand recognition

Our well-planned services speak up for your brand and strengthen your relationship to transform your targeted audience to lifetime member.

Online performance tracking

You get to witness your brand grow right in front of your eyes. We make the strategies transparent to the business owner


   Cheery Enterprises is the best ever team of social media optimization crackerjacks in Tiruvannamalai who can act as expert lead generators for your business. Cheery Enterprises, a digital marketing company in Tiruvannamalai, utilizes the social media to get the word out on your brand by putting to good use the prevalent social surfing trend in today’s tech savvy environment.

    At Cheery Enterprises, we help you find the right social media platform that suits your business and dive headlong into it to market your products and services to your target audience. Our 9+ years of expertise in the field of social media has greatly contributed to helping us know what the Tiruvannamalai B2B and B2C markets will like, share, tweet and comment about.

    With our physical locations spanning across 3 locations in Tamil Nadu, we spread our wings to offer social media optimization services all across the globe. Be it the creation of original and creative social media posts using custom-designed banners, design of cover pictures and profile pictures, the audit of your social media accounts, devising expert social strategies, or in-depth analysis of competitors; we master it all! Get set to swim against the tides of social media waves and create ripples with our social media services.

What do we do?

    Nowadays social media marketing is the prominent way of communication and hence is the main source of business promotion online. Social media marketing is all about gaining traffic and attention through popular social media platforms, these social platforms include Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus, tumbler, Pinterest and few more, they have been contributing millions of customers to business online.

    You can get close to your customers not only with through your business and brand but also with sharing their views and comments to a community and make them engaged. We do SMM works at the most affordable cost. Raga Designers is the best SMM Company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We provide the best quality services and we stand high for our timely delivery on posts and marketing strategies as planned.

Why You Choose Cheery for Your SMM?

    Cheery Enterprises have a dedicated and experienced team of digital marketing experts who can understand and analyze, and provide the best result for your business on the online digital platform.

    We are known as the best digital marketing company in Tiruvannamalai, to provide marketing services at the cheapest cost. Cheery Enterprises have plenty of happy customers across the globe for digital marketing services from different industry verticals.

    We provide all the digital marketing services that any business would need.


  Cheery Enterprises is one of the best Social Media Marketing Company in Tiruvannamalai. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process in which your business growths rely on. Business with specific achievement and goal can utilize the SMM (Social Media Marketing) platform.

  It is one of the tremendous medium to share your products and services to the people from multiple locations in worldwide. People can share their thoughts, perspective, concepts, ideas, ventures, information in the form of text, image, video and audio.

  Social Media Marketing consists of two subsets SMO (Social Media Optimization) and paid advertising. Cheery Enterprises being a specialised firm strives hard to offer a world class Social Media Marketing Services to our clients. Our experts more enthusiastically work together in achieving the desired result.

  We create link for all your social media platforms like facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. We promote your product in these social media websites to increase the visibility and business presence of your website.

  We follow effective & unique strategies to run your business marketing campaign with a perspective to rope in more customers in to your business. Our work demonstrates how we make it happen possible and how we streamline the work maintaining a good rapport among team members.

  We work with an involvement in transforming through social networking for promoting our client ventures into leads and deals. SMM can attract visitors online and convert to a valuable lead.

Are you a business wants to explore your business in digital Channel? Share your requirements and get the best benefit.

Facebook Marketing Services

  Innovation and Facebook are inseparable, thanks to Zuckerberg himself. When brands are posed with the challenge of wooing their audience and to engage them in activities that can be innovated everyday, you rise to the occasion. Armed with more than 50 ways of interacting and engaging with the audience, echoVME and it’s Social Media Mafias as they call themselves now, are a pro when it comes to Facebook marketing.

  Over the years, Facebook has changed itself, welcoming brands themselves to adapt to the new innovations unflinchingly.

With us, you will achieve:

 A targeted set of audience who has an acquired interest in your business

 Drawing audience to the page by sharing unique content

 Clear corporate branding to etch brand names in campaigns & posts

 Engaging acquired audience with more than 50 ways of content, contests & campaigns

 Online reputation management of brands, containing negative word of mouth from spreading on the platforms

 Campaigns leading traffic to website with Facebook ads (timeline & stamp ads) and retargeting ads

 Maintaining rapport with audience who can approach the platform with a query at any given time; bridging the gap between offline communication

Twitter Marketing Services

  You might think 140 characters could not do much for your business but you’d be surprised at the history Twitter marketing has created over the years right from its many successful campaigns to its controversies. To make the most of Twitter cleverly lays the trick.

The ingredients needed for the most successful Twitter plan are:

  Regular tweeting

  Regular automated tweets

  ‘Listening’ to grievances, complaints, suggestions, etc and interacting

  Building a keyword manual

  Interacting with tweeple and forging a unique connection

  Identifying & building influencer relationship

  Building relationships with individuals, celebrities and targeted audience

  Hashtag campaigns; use of hashtags in tweets regularly


  Hashtag campaigns, daily conversations, setting up a unique relationship with tweeps, identifying influencers and choosing the right people to approach enables your business’s stronghold on Twitter.

  Utilizing Twitter’s most useful factor, listening is a must we recommend for brands. Our Mafias are adept at drawing followers and interacting with prospective leads based on competitor, need, problem, brand and opportunity based listening grievances on Twitter.

Google Plus Marketing Services

  If your Google+ presence is left unattended, it’s time to start paying attention to leverage the channel in the best ways possible for your business. With a plethora of features to unlock and discover, Google+ is a marketer’s paradise.

How can Google+ help your business?

Integrates page with your website

  a unique feature that helps make your website stand out in a search result. When your website is integrated with your G+ page, Google’s search engine results integrates the G+ presence as well.

Integrates Google Maps

  putting your business on the maps enables users to land up on your website/G+ page after a search; also user ratings and reviews pops up. Google analytics also leverages search results by analyzing prospective customers for your business.


  circles offer a mix of Facebook & Twitter – follow people who are not your friends and choose what you share with them, making it easier to categorize your audience and share content respectively, interact & engage with them.

Increases SEO

  acts as a built-in SEO model. What you share on your G+ page optimizes your content.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

  Virtual connecting with peers professionally could mean investors, stakeholders, employers, customers, prospects and clients. Networking your business online on a dedicated platform where the same crowd resides is a must for businesses today. B2B businesses are complying with the rules of LinkedIn and leveraging the most out of the network.

How can LinkedIn help your business?

Integrates page with your website

  Your mere presence puts you on the map.

  A place to exhibit your workplace, accolades to a vary business centered group

  Networking with relevant B2B groups & suggesting conversations to be part of created groups & growing closed groups of targeted audience

 Popularizing & strategizing content in groups

Pinterest Marketing Services

  Providing a great channel to store your posts and campaigns, your virtual pin board presence is a great place to connect with your audience on an informal note, interacting and engaging with their audience simply by pinning images! Proving pictures speak a thousand words, the platform is a perfect opportunity to speak through images. Pinterest can directly drive traffic to your website simply by clicking on an image – increasing traffic to your site tenfold.

What can you achieve with us?

  Share anything from tips to recipes on Pinterest

  SEO integrate it with relevant keywords

  Map links and addresses with your business to boards

  Hashtag search enabled

  Keyword based content for pins – no need for sentences

  Direct pinning from website increases website traffic

  Display gallery of products if absence of website

Instagram Marketing Services

  Yet another fun photo sharing platform that can be easily leveraged by small & medium and retail business to communicate with their existing customers and otherwise by sharing pictures that incites a personal level branding of your business!

Through us you will achieve:

  Create appropriate posts that go viral

  Follow relevant audience & brands

  Listening, liking and making conversation with audience to interact.

  Ideating creative campaigns to invite active participating

  Upgrade brand’s image on channel

YouTube Marketing Services

  YouTube Marketing Services in India YouTube marketing company in India- Cheery Enterprises offers top quality video promotion service on Youtube at the low prices. You can not miss YouTube if you wish to turn your business popular among your customers. Video promotion company- RankON Technologies offers you an absolute edge to get the best results with its YouTube Marketing Services in India. Our YouTube video marketing experts will understand your requirement and will create a 100% working YouTube marketing strategy to help your business or brand grow in this competitive market.

Our YouTube Promotion Services in India Include:

  YouTube Video SEO

  Efficient Sound Syndication

  Video Creation Checklist

  YouTube Channel Creation

  YouTube Paid Campaign Setup

  YouTube Ads Monitoring

  YouTube Ads Optimization

  Next Month Strategy Planning

  Yet another fun photo sharing platform that can be easily leveraged by small & medium and retail business to communicate with their existing customers and otherwise by sharing pictures that incites a personal level branding of your business!

Through us you will achieve:

  Create appropriate posts that go viral

  Follow relevant audience & brands

  Listening, liking and making conversation with audience to interact.

  Ideating creative campaigns to invite active participating

  Upgrade brand’s image on channel

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