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   A promotional video is a business video with the intent to promote your products and services to customers and prospects. Any video you create is in some sense attempting to sell your brand to your target audience. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a blatant sales pitch. A good promo video seeks to bring the conversation to a more personal level without making the sales aspect so overt.

   The objective of promotion is that quickly raises the sales and induce trial purchases by the consumers. Such promotions are more practical in nature and less emotional. It motivates the consumers to quickly buy or avail the product service. Since they tend to generate an instant effect on the consumer, they result in lower profits as compared to advertisements. These are more focused on increasing sales than increasing brand awareness. Types of promotion can include discount coupons, special events, rebates and free samples.

Types Of Promo Videos

Product videos

Intro videos

Product launch videos

Event videos

Explainer videos

Video ads

Recruitment videos

FAQ videos

Testimonial videos

Steps To Make Promo video?

1. Identifying the Goal

Why do you want to make a promo video? What are you aiming for? What do you want in return after uploading your promo video? These are some of the questions you should know the answer to before you sit down and start creating a promo video. Since they are somewhat expensive to produce, it is better to know the purpose of undertaking such huge task before you put all your money and efforts into something you aren't really sure of in the first place.

For example, You might be a new company in the market who wants to introduce the brand itself and its mission to its web visitors. Or maybe you might be a company who needs to introduce and explain its products and services to the potential clients. Creating a promo video keeping these aims in mind will push you towards making a video that revolves around such ideas.

Here are some common reasons many companies create promotional videos:

Brand awareness

Drive sales

Drive traffic

Increase customer engagement

Educate customers

One thing to note: if you have multiple goals, you can opt for creating more than one video. If you try to cramp up the video by infusing more than one idea into it, it will just confuse the audience and drive them away. Once you identify why you want to make a video, it goes time to start exploring the different directions for how you could bring your video to life.

Direction of the videos

Once you have a clear idea of the ' why ', it is time to start figuring out the ' how ' to make it happen in terms of direction.

For example, let’s say you’re a new company who wants to create an intro video for the homepage hero on your site; the aim would of the video be to introduce the brand and get people to sign up to it. If this is the idea behind it, you would make sure that the video is more explanatory in nature.

Below are some of the directions you can take while making a promo video:

    Introductory: telling the audience who you are

    Explanatory: explaining how your product works

    Problem/solution: showing the old ways or the new ways and how your product is the solution

    Narrative: using the storytelling manner to introduce your company

    Drive action: inducing action in the audience to do something (i.e. — shop now)

    Product-focused: introducing a specific product or feature

    Testimonial: interviews, quotes, soundbites, etc, with customers around a specific topic or theme

    Informative: educating your audience about something specific, tutorial-style, etc.

    Entertainment: inspiring the audience using story, humour, etc.

Tone of the Video

The tone of the video basically means to set a general ' feeling ' in little nuances to extract some kind of emotion from the audience. For example, a video which reflects upon the drastic effects of smoking will try to add short showing the plight of people dealing with lung cancer and how badly it destroys the life of the person who deals with such an addiction. Such videos even though people try to avoid watching it, tends to leave a grave impact on their psyche and the next time they find themself in a situation to smoke cigarettes.

Keeping this example in mind, the kind of emotion you aim to invoke within people is what sets the tone of the promo video. If you want a happy video, by adding cheery sounds, beats and just colours all around would make it bright and cheery.

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